Monitor and track the results of your campaign performance on the Insights page. In this article you will get an overview of the important information and metrics that can be viewed on the Insights page (formerly Analytics).

In this article:   

About Insights

To access Insights, first you will need to have a running campaign in Talon.One. The Insights page can be found in every campaign and is located next to your Settings page within a campaign.

This page is a collection of the most important campaign metrics and only triggered campaign data will appear. You can filtered by date by time granularity, note the default date range is the last seven days. Data will only appear on this page once your campaign has been activated

On the insights page you will see the following information: 

Campaign Metrics

The metrics you see will depend on the type of campaign you have created and the types of effects in your campaign rules. For example, if you have not selected coupons as a feature in your campaign Coupon Redemptions will not show any data. Below are the definitions of the campaign metrics: 

Coupon Redemptions

The total amount of coupons redeemed in the campaign up until this point in time. Calculated by counting the amount of acceptCoupon effects.

Discount Costs

The total discounts given out in this campaign. Calculated by summing up the value of all setDiscount and setDiscountPerItem effects.

Campaign Basket Value

The total, pre-discount value of all items purchased in orders where this campaign was triggered. Calculated by summing up all session totals.

Coupons Created

The total amount of coupons generated in the effects of this campaign using the Create Coupon Effect. Calculated by counting the amount of couponCreated effects. Note: this is not the same as creating coupons in a campaign

Accepted & Created Referrals

If you have a Referral Program running, you can measure and track the referral insights on this graph. Note only the relevant campaign data will appear. Depending on your integration, you can track the effect "Accepted Referrals" or "Created Referrals". 

Free Items

If your campaign has "Add Free Item" as an effect, you can track the successful validation of this effect on the Campaign Performance graph. 

Filtering Results

The default date range shows data from the last seven days. To customize your view of the campaign results, you can filter data by date range and then drill down using the granularity date filter to dive deeper into campaign performance. 

  • Date Range: choose a specific start and end date from the date picker
  • Granularity: Choose to view results by Hour, Day, Week, Month or Quarterly


Visualizing Results

At the top of the page in the you will see a display of the total results for the following campaign metrics:

  • Coupon Redemptions (total coupons redeemed)
  • Basket Value (total revenue generated)
  • Discount Costs (total amount of discounts given)

The Insights page features graphs to help you monitor campaign performance and includes visualizations of the following: 
  • Campaign Performance
  • Basket Value Per Redemption 
  • Basket Value vs. Cost

On these graphs you will see a visualization of the campaign results plotted on a timeline. Depending on your campaign features, you will see the metrics defined above

Click the specific metric you want view to isolate the data on the graph. 

Export Campaign Results

Click the Export Campaign Results button in the top navigation to download the results from your campaign. Once you are on the export page, you will need to set a new date range for your export.

On the export page you can choose to export with the following date formats:  
  • Date Range: choose Triggered After of Triggered Before an exact date
  • After Recent Export: Select an recent export from the drop down menu
  • Date Format: Choose Microsoft Excel or Standard Gregorian Calendar

Important things to note:
  • Data is refreshed at 30 minute intervals, events that take place during the last 30 minutes might not be reflected in the exported data
  • Click Download List without selecting any date filter to download all campaign results ever triggered
  • The date filters and metrics you have selected on the main Insights page will not apply on the export page
Click the Download List button to download the CSV file of triggered effects from this campaign. The file will download automatically to your default download location. 

Success! You have downloaded the results or all the triggered effects from your campaign. Now you can share this data with your team, import into your own BI tool and analyze results as you wish.

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