Talon.One releases new features and improvements regularly. Read below to see what's new to get the most from your Talon.One account. Schedule a quick demo if you want to learn more or have any questions about new features.

For an account of our technical changes, please check out our Platform Changelog.


🗓 October 2019

Copy Rules Within a Campaign 

Sometimes, you may be working with similar and complex rules within a campaign (for example, if two similar products have different discounts). To make this even easier, we've now added a Copy button within the Rule Builder to quickly duplicate a Rule for editing and use.


🗓 September 2019

Set Campaign Budgets by Custom Identifier

You can now set a Campaign Budget using a Custom Identifier (like a device ID) that you send within a customer session. You will first need to configure this identifier in each customer session. Read more about configuring identifiers in our Developer documentation.

To support this new Custom Identifier budget, we also changed the UI of Campaign Budgets. Now, you can more easily select the Limit of your Budget (Campaigns, Profiles, or Custom Identifier) and the Scope (Coupon Redemptions, Discounts Given, or Coupon Creations).

🗓 August 2019

Loyalty Subledgers

This new Loyalty feature (available when you create a Loyalty program) enables you to associate loyalty points with a specific restaurant, store, or other concept in your backend. For example, for food delivery services with many restaurants, you can track loyalty points earned at each restaurant and trigger effects based on the earned points at that specific restaurant. Please contact Talon.One support and we will be glad to help you configure this!

Coupon Wallets

New endpoints allow you to reserve coupons for specific customers, and show those reserved coupons in your customer-facing app. This enables customers to 'save' codes they encounter in your marketing campaigns, and store them for future use. Read more in our dev docs here

🗓 July 2019

Send Coupons Through Braze

We released a new endpoint to send coupon codes and other information through Braze campaigns. Within a Braze Canvas, you can add coupon codes in automations through email, in-app push, SMS, and more. Please review our documentation here and contact support@talon.one for configuration help.

Product Bundling

We launched an experimental new feature that allows you to bundle items with a common identifier and an attribute with distinct values. This makes it easier to set up campaigns (for example: two different item types from the same product line).

🗓 June 2019

Use Geolocation and Geofences in Campaign Rules

You can now create geofences to use in your Campaigns in Talon.One! Create tailored promotional campaigns for a specific region or push a notification when a customer is near your store. Once you are sending location info using the Integration API, a member of your development must configure the built-in "Current Location" attribute (developer documentation here).

To learn more about setting up geofencing in a Rule, read more in our Help Center.

🗓 May 2019

Import Coupon Codes

Now you can import a .csv of external coupon codes into a Talon.One campaign directly in the UI. Simply navigate to the Coupon tab on any Campaign and select the new dropdown arrow next to the blue Coupon button. From there, you can choose to import or export coupons.

When you choose import, you can download a template .csv file to fill with your coupon data, then upload it as in the screenshot below. You can also import codes using the management API, read more here.

Exact Search in Coupon Finder

When you have many codes in your application, now you can perform an exact search for a specific code in the Coupon Finder. Read more about the Coupon Finder here.

Anonymous User Tracking

We have implemented anonymous user tracking in your Talon.One account. We are now using Hotjar to better understand our users (you!) behaviour in the Campaign Manager to help us further improve Talon.One.

You will see a small notification at the bottom of your account, you can choose to accept the tracking by clicking "got it" or click on the privacy settings to opt-out. Privacy settings can also be managed on your user profile page. 

New Global Cart Item Filters (Campaigns)

Now you can create “global” Cart Item Filters in your rules. This will make creating cart filters for rules and building campaigns much easier. This means when you create a cart filter, now you can use it across multiple rules (instead of new cart filters for every rule). 

Note that your old filters will still work the same and be visible in the rule, but any new Cart Filter will be visible on top of the rule. If you have existing cart filters in your rule, next to the old filters you will see "legacy" (you can still edit the old filters as needed).

Read more about Cart Filters here.

New Customers Page (Applications)

Check out the new Customer page in the top level of you application! We improved the design and layout so you can get a better view of your customers activity. 
Now you can get an overview of all the attributes associated with a customer, the total orders they have made, discounts accrued and also see their session information. This is very useful for debugging or solving support cases. If you have a Loyalty program running, you can also click on the loyalty tab to view and manage a customers' points. 
Read more about the Customer page here.

🗓 April 2019

New and Improved Settings Page (Campaigns)

We have made some lovely visual improvements to the design of the campaign Settings page. The functionality is exactly the same, but now you can navigate the different options and define campaign settings in a much nicer way. 

You can learn more about campaign Settings here.

New Time and Date Capabilities (Campaigns)

Now you have even more flexibility when using dates and times when building rules for your promotions. For example, now you can easily exclude a list of holidays by creating a time attribute with different dates added as suggestions. This means you can add fewer conditions in rules and work with dates more dynamically.

Read how you can set this up here


Copy Button Within Campaigns (Campaigns)

Now you can copy campaigns from within a campaign on the Campaign Dashboard. The functionality of the copy feature is still the same, but now you can copy a campaign from two places: the Campaigns page of your application and the Dashboard of your campaign. This will make it easier and fast when your teams are working with campaigns and want to make a copy. 

Read more about the copy feature here.


Archive/Delete Campaign Button (Campaigns)

Now you can choose to archive or delete campaigns from the Campaign Dashboard. Before you could only choose to archive or delete a campaign on the Settings page of a campaign.

You can learn more about managing campaign here.

Referral Code Expiry Dates (Referrals)

Set the expiry date for a referral codes that are generated as an effect in campaigns. When using the Create Referral Code effect in your campaign rules, select "Additional Properties" and you can define a start and end date for the validity of your referral code. Read more about creating a Referral Program here

For more ideas on different types of Referral use cases that you can achieve using Talon.One, check out this article

Security Improvements

To prevent malicious activity, we made some security improvements to how we handle cookies in the campaign manager. Because of this, we had to log everyone out of the campaign manager after our last 2 releases. We are sorry if this caused any inconvenience.

🗓 March 2019

Set Budgets For Coupon Creation Effect (Coupons)

Now you can limit the creation of coupons per user profile in campaigns that use the Create Coupon Effect.

If you want to automatically trigger the creation of a coupon after a customer interaction such as an account registration, newsletter signup or a specific product purchase (to name a few examples), you can use the "create coupon code" effect in your campaign rules.

To set the budget, go to an existing campaign, open the Settings page and click on Budget. From the drop-down select "Coupon Creation Effect" then add the limit amount and set the scope to profile. Read more about Budgets here.

Improved Password Security 

To increase the security of your Talon.One account, we are now enforcing additional password complexity. We recommend changing your password regularly as a security precaution. No action is required, but if you wish to update your current password, simply click "forgot password" and we will send you an email to reset your password.

Passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain a number, an uppercase and a lowercase character. We also strongly recommend using uncommon words or phrases in your password. 

More Granular User Permissions (Roles) 

Now you can customize permissions per application for your users. When creating roles, select "custom" from the access level drop-down menu. From there you can grant access to specific areas of an application like the rule builder or coupons/referrals depending on your requirements.

This is helpful if you want to setup more restricted approval workflows for your team. Read how to create roles in your Talon.One account here

Improved Campaign Copy Feature (FKA Duplicate

We have improved the usability and design of our beloved Duplicate Campaign feature, now it is more accurately named "Copy". The copy feature still appears on the campaign dashboard, but now you can click on the icon instead of the (almost invisible) three dots. 

When you copy your campaign, now you can also edit the name directly in the pop-up, instead of having to open the campaign again. Use the copy feature to save time when building campaigns with complex rules or to move approved campaigns into other applications. 
Read how to copy a campaign here

New "Is NOT one of" Operator (Conditions)

Now you can easily exclude several items in a single condition by using the operator "is not one of". Similar to the "is one of" operator (but opposite), you can type in several inputs on the right side of the expression to build this type of condition. If you are using  attribute suggestions you can also select multiple items from your drop-down or simply type free text. 

Read more about the flexibility available in rule builder conditions here

Assign/Edit Customer Integration ID To Coupons

It is now possible to assign coupons to specific customers when you edit a coupon code. When you select a code to edit, you have the option to add or remove a Customer Integration ID. Note that not all codes will have a Customer Integration ID assigned to it, this depends on your campaign configuration.

Once a code is assigned to an ID, this code can only be redeemed by a customer with that Integration ID (also known as profile ID).

Learn more about editing coupons here. Please send us an email if you would like to learn how to create codes for specific Customer IDs. 


🗓 February 2019

New and Improved User Permissions

Roles in Talon.One help you define different user permissions and specify what actions or features your users can access. Creating roles is optional, but it provides a safe way to manage your users and their access to your promotions. 

For example, you can create a role called "Customer Support" that grants users permission to only view campaigns in a single application (or applications).

The user permissions you have set for existing users still apply, but you should create follow the steps to create roles and add users to your new roles. From now on, all new users must be assigned either to a role or granted admin rights. 

Learn more about roles and managing users here.


Application-wide Coupon Finder

Finally! Now you can easily search for any coupon code across all campaigns in your application using the new Coupon Finder. The Coupon Finder is located next to the Campaigns tab in your application.

You can type the code (or a few characters) into the search field and click search. The results will return a list of matching codes or show the exact code and clicking on the code will provide an overview of the code's important information.

On the results page, you can directly edit codes, check the redemptions, expiry date and view the campaign rules. This search function does not work for referral codes (this feature is coming soon!).

If you have a very large number of codes in your database, you will be asked to enter more characters in the search field (as it will return too many possibilities).

New Operator "is one of"

We have introduced a new operator for conditions using attributes of type string or number. Now you can select "is one of" from the operator menu and select multiple inputs or attributes on the right side of the condition. 

To build this type of condition, you can type free text (then press enter and start typing a new input), or you can add an attribute from the palette or select from your predefined list of attribute suggestions


🗓 January 2019

Customer Session Export

Now you can Export Customer Session data from your Application. Click the cloud icon on the right side of your Campaigns page in your application to export either the Triggered Effects and Customer Sessions that occurred in the scope of your application.

You can filter customer session data by state (e.g., Closed, Open, Cancelled) and by specified date ranges. Click Export Data to download the CSV file with your data and use it for reporting and analysis.

🗓 December 2018

New Time Condition Operators

We introduced two new operators for Conditions with attributes of type time in the Rule Builder. Now you can use "Is Not" and "Is Not Between" certain dates or time periods. This can be used for any time attribute that you have setup with your integration. 

For example, if you want to build a condition with the attribute "Current time" you can select the operator "Is Not" then define the day, time or even use another attribute you wish to exclude. This greatly improves usability if you want to exclude holidays specific days of the week from your promotions.

You can read more about Conditions here

Updated Insights 

New data points have been added to your Campaign Insights. To give you better visibility of your campaign results, now you can track Accepted/Created Referrals and the Free Item effect in the "Campaign Performance" table.  

These data points will be visualized in the table where you normally see Coupons, Discount Costs and Campaign Basket Value. Note that the data points will only appear if these effects are configured in your campaign rules. Learn more about Campaign Insights here.

Don't have a referral campaign setup? Learn how to create a Referral Program in Talon.One or read why referrals are great for your business on our Blog.

New Cart Item Filter

There is a new filter step labeled "Select Nth Item" now available in the Cart Filter feature in the Rule Builder. Choose this option if you want to pick a single item from a list in a certain position from a customer's cart.

This is useful if you want to add a free item of the same product type to a cart. This filter step also allows you to use the item's attributes in both Conditions and Effects. Note that we have also changed the order of the filter steps and put the most commonly used options at the top of the list. 

If you are not familiar with using Cart Filters in the Rule Builder yet, you will want to read:


Coupon Batch Editing

If you want to make changes to multiple coupon codes, you use the Edit Coupon Batch feature. Select a single code from the batch you wish to edit, and click the Edit Coupon Batch button that appears. 

The changes you make will be applied to ALL codes with this Batch ID. If you wish to make changes to a single code after you edit a batch, simply select the single code and click Edit Coupon

Read more about Coupon Batch Editing here.

🗓 November 2018

New Coupon Editing

Now you can edit coupons directly in the Campaign Manager. If you made a mistake or need to modify a code, you can extend the expiration date, update redemption limits or edit attribute values. You no longer have to delete codes. 

Note that you cannot edit the code itself for security reasons. Read more about creating and editing coupons here.

Deleting Customer Profiles

Did you know Customer Profiles can be deleted from your Talon.One account using the Integration API? If you store this type of data in your account, note that your customers have the right to request the deletion of this personal data under the GDPR. 

To delete a Customer Profile from Talon.One you must use the API endpoint provided as we do not allow this functionality in the Campaign Manager UI.

You can read more here or if you are responsible for implementing this endpoint, please read the Developer Documentation. If you have any questions about sending or deleting data in Talon.One please contact us

Deprecating Account-Wide Search Endpoint

Please note that we will be deprecating and transitioning away from the following endpoint: 

Our Management API exposes an account-wide search for customer profiles endpoint under the given URI.

We are introducing a new endpoint which will behave as expected and will serve the same purpose under a new URI and with a correct implementation of pagination parameters. This endpoint was incorrectly implemented and placed when it was first introduced.

Starting December 1, 2018, the old endpoint and our API will no longer support requests to this URI. If you don't use this endpoint of the API, please disregard this update.

If you use this endpoint to query Customer Profiles stored in Talon.One, we are asking to update the destination URL of the requests to the following endpoint:
Please read the Developer Documentation for the new endpoint here.

🗓 October 2018

Introducing A New Navigation

We are happy to introduce a new and improved design of the Talon.One Campaign Manager. We wanted to create a simple and easy navigation to help you manage promotions more effectively so you can focus on the important parts of your business. Read more about the changes here

The functionality is the same, just with better design. Check it out and please let us know what you think

New Feature Notifications

Want to stay up to date with the latest features in your Talon.One account? Everytime we release a new feature, you will see a "new" badge in the top navigation next to your name. Simply click on the "What's New" tab and you will be linked to this page so you can learn more about the great new update!


🗓 September 2018

Updated Delete Coupon Endpoint

We updated the Delete Coupon endpoint so you can query and delete codes using new parameters. This will make it easier for you to refine your query when you want to delete coupons in your account using the Management API.  New parameters include:

  • startsBefore
  • startsAfter
  • expiresBefore
  • expiresAfter
  • batchId
Learn more about the other available parameters in the Developers API Reference.

Dynamic Notifications With Variables

Send more personalized and dynamic messages to customers by adding variables to the text field in the Set Notification Effect.

Now you can include variables like a customer's name, their current cart value or a coupon's expiry date. These are just a few examples, but you can be creative with your messaging depending on the data you send your Talon.One integration.

Learn more about implementing notifications in our developer documentation or read how to create a notification campaign here.

Formulas In Update A Custom Attribute Effect

Now you will see "Update a custom attribute" in the effects drop-down (instead of "Update a value"). This is the same effect but with even more functionality within the rule builder. 

Now you can enter formulas in the input field, in addition to values and variables. This is great if you want to update loyalty points, credits or subscriptions for example. 

Learn more about the Update A Custom Attribute Effect.


New Attribute Suggestions

Now you can build rules faster by adding Attribute Suggestions for commonly used inputs. Instead of manually typing inputs, your marketing team can save time and avoid errors by selecting from predefined inputs when building Cart Filters and Conditions in the Rule Builder.

Read how to add Attribute Suggestions here


More Flexibility In Effect "Create Coupon"

The functionality of the Create Coupon effect has been extended to include some great new features. Now you can define several parameters within the Rule Builder for the coupons that are automatically generated as an effect in your campaign.

Learn more about the new features available in the Create Coupon Effect here



Create Coupons For Specific Customers

Use the coupon generator to create codes for a specific customer. In addition to Fixed Codes and Random Codes, you can also generate codes for a specific Integration ID. 

Note: Only users with Admin rights have access to this feature. 

Learn more about creating coupons for specific customers here.


New & Improved Campaign Insights 

Monitor your campaign performance on the new and improved Insights page that also features an new Export button (formerly Analytics). The page has been updated to more accurately reflect campaign results, discount results and features improved date filtering functionality. 

Now you can export all the triggered effects of a campaign using the Export Campaign Results button. From here you can download a CSV of all campaign results or filter data within a specific date range.

Learn more about Insights and Exporting Campaign Results


🗓 August 2018

Improved Coupon Export & Batch ID

When you generate coupon codes for a campaign, now you can easily export the code(s) right away.  Learn more about exporting codes.

Coupon codes are always generated with a unique Batch ID that can be used to export this specific set of codes. Later, this Batch ID will appear in the coupon view alongside the other code information like start date and redemptions. A group of codes will have a single Batch ID, unlike the code ID that is unique per code. 

Use this ID to search, organize or export your code(s). Save time managing codes if you need to create many codes at different times in a single campaign, now you can easily identify these codes and share with partners or internally. 

Improved Per Item Discount Effect 

We improved the usability of this effect, so the fields open automatically - that means less steps required when building rules.

Watch the quick video below to see how it works or learn more here.

Add Variables Button

Introducing a new way to add variables and attributes to value fields in the Rule Builder. Use the blue "+" button to open the palette and add available variables or attributes to your formula.

For example, when you pick the effect "Set per item discount". Learn more about this effect or see an example here.


🗓 July 2018

Case Sensitivity

You have the option to choose between case sensitive or case insensitive coupon codes in your Talon.One account. Give your customers a better user experience when they enter in codes.

If you select case insensitive for your account, you can choose to store and generate codes as uppercase or lowercase, depending on your requirements. The default setting is case sensitive with uppercase codes.  

If you already set up your account, get in touch and we will convert your account. Learn more

If you have any questions about these updates or would like to submit a feature request, please get in touch