In this article you will get an overview of the Coupons page in Talon.One. On the Coupons page of your campaign, you can create, export, search and view codes for your campaign. 

Coupons must be enabled for your campaign in Settings or when you create a new campaign to access this feature. The coupons table is empty if you have not created any coupons yet. Coupon codes are always unique and can never be used or generated in a different campaign.

This article will cover the following:
  1. Coupon Information
  2. Filter & Search
  3. Edit & Delete
  4. Create Coupons
  5. Import and Export Coupons

Please ensure your integration is configured to accept Coupon Codes and you have read how to create a campaign in Talon.One. 

Coupon Information

Once you have created one or more coupons, the available information will be displayed in the coupon table. Once a coupon is created, you cannot edit or make changes to the codes or code attributes (you must select the codes, delete them and create a new batch). 

Below you will find an explanation of the coupon information available in the columns of the coupon table.

Check Boxes

Select the codes you want to export or delete. You can choose to "select all" by clicking the box in the fixed header of the table. 



The code that you have defined when you Create Coupons. This will be a Fixed Code or a Random Code  and can contain custom prefixes, suffixes and be segmented if required.


The number of successful redemptions of a code out of the total redemption limit is visible here. If you do not set a redemption limit, it will show the number of redemptions out of infinity. 

In the example above, the Fixed coupon "SUMMER-DEAL" has an unlimited redemption limit because it is a universal code (e.g., printed in a magazine, promoted on your homepage).

Created Date

The date your code of codes were created. Recently created coupons will appear at the bottom of your list of coupons. 

Valid From/Until

The start and expiry date you have defined for your coupon. This setting is not required and will appear empty if no date is set.

Customer ID

A Customer ID associated with a specific code (unique codes) will appear here. You can click on the Customer ID and it will take you the Customers page of your application. On this page you can see several key metrics for a given customer profile like how many order a customer made, coupons redeemed, accrued discounts, accrued revenue and orders made.


Batch ID

Coupons are always generated with a unique Batch ID. If you generate several Random codes, they will all be assigned the same Batch ID.

You can use the Batch ID in the following ways:

When you create new codes, they will appear in the coupon table filtered by Batch ID. Clear this field to view any existing codes (if available). 


If you have defined Coupon Attributes in your account they will appear here. You can add values for the Coupon Attributes when you create coupons. This is helpful for tagging, searching and managing codes. If you do not assign a value to the Coupon Attributes when you create the codes, the attributes will not appear in the table. 


Filtering & Search

In the top section of the Coupons page, you can search, filter and sort for your codes in a number of ways. 


You can search for codes in several ways by entering values in the following fields: 

  • Coupon code
  • Customer ID
  • Batch ID
Select the "Exact Match" feature if you are searching for a specific code. It is also possible to export coupons by Batch ID.

Date Range

Sort codes by the date they were created after or created before.


Choose from the following expiration state: Any, Expired, Valid now, Valid in the future.

Redemption Status

View codes in the following states: Redeemed, Still usable

Reset Filters

Click Reset Filters to view the entire table and remove all filters. 

Edit & Delete Coupons 

Once you generate codes, you can edit the details of these codes on the Coupons page. First select a code, then the edit buttons will appear (next to delete) and you choose between two actions: Edit Coupon and Edit Coupon Batch.

You can edit the following information associated with codes:

  • Start and expiration date
  • Redemption limits
  • Attributes input values
Learn more about Editing Coupons here


This appears only when you select a coupon or multiple coupons using the check boxes. If you need to make changes to your codes, select the required codes then "Delete" (it is not possible to edit codes once they are created). 

Creating Coupons

Learn how to Create Coupons here.

Import and Export Coupons

Learn how to Import and Export Coupons here.