In this article you will learn how to copy a campaign in your Talon.One account. 

When you copy a campaign, you can edit the name, rules and settings of this campaign and copy it into the same application or other applications. This feature allows you to easily copy a campaign you have created in your test environment into your live application once it is approved. This also helps save time if you have complex ruleset that you want to reuse in future campaigns. 

Before you get started, you will need to create at least one campaign in an application. Follow the steps below to copy a campaign. 

How To Copy A Campaign

  1. Go to the Campaigns tab of an Application
  2. The copy feature is located on the right side of the campaigns table
  3. Click the copy icon on the campaign you would like to copy
  4. Rename your campaign in the first field of the pop-up (copied campaigns have a new name)
  5. Select the application (or applications) you would like to copy the campaign into 
  6. Click copy
You can also access the copy button from the Dashboard of your campaign. See below:

Congrats! Now you have copied your campaign. Remember that coupons are not copied, so you will have to open then new campaign and make the required adjustments to your campaign. 

Important Things To Note

  • The state of a copied campaign is always set to 'disabled'
  • Coupon and Referral codes will NOT be copied, you must generate new codes
  • Edit campaign rules and settings as usual once a campaign is copied

Depending on your company's workflow, you can have admin users set up "master" campaigns and then use these as templates for future campaigns. If you have several rules in a campaign or a set of standard conditions, this is a great way to save time when setting up new campaigns. 

Remember: you can create a role in Talon.One that allows users to create, copy and edit campaigns but they are not able to activate a campaign. 

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