An Application is the environment in which you create and manage your campaigns and coupons. They are the highest level of organization in your Talon.One account and the source of your customer activities.

Below you will find more detailed information about the following features that you will find on the top navigation of your application: 

  1. Campaign Dashboard
  2. Coupon Finder
  3. Priority
  4. Customers 
  5. Events
  6. Settings

Campaign Dashboard

The Campaigns page is like the "home page" of your application gives you an overview of all your campaigns. 

You can perform the following actions on this page:
  • Click the +New Campaign button to create a new campaign, learn how to create campaigns here.
  • Click the blue name of your campaign to edit, manage or activate your campaign. Read how to manage campaigns here or browse all articles in the Campaigns section.
  • Filter campaigns by state like  Running, Disabled, Schedule, Expired or Draft, click on the state to view campaigns in that state. 
  • Click under Copy (on the page icons) if you want to copy a campaign in the current application or into a new one. Read more about copying campaigns here.  
  • Click the download cloud to export campaign data as a CSV file. You can choose to export All Triggered Effects or Customer Sessions
  • Search for campaigns by name, filter by date created, state, ID, start and end date and last activity

Coupon Finder

Search for coupon codes and get an overview of all the important code information. Simply type in a few characters of the code or page the full code in the search field. Click the Search button and you will see a list of possible matches or the results page feature all coupon details. 

You can learn more about creating coupons and exporting coupons in the campaigns section of our Help Center. 



On the Priority page you can organize your campaigns by level of priority. Learn more about managing campaign Priority here.


Here you can view customer data and event data. Depending on what data you send Talon.One, you can get details of your customer events that register (e.g., closed sessions).
The default view is an overview list of all customers, which can be sorted by their integration ID, creation date or date of last activity.

Clicking the Integration ID for any customer then shows you an overview of the information associated with this account, separated into tabs for Attributes, Sessions and Loyalty Programs (if applicable).

Highlighted by default upon opening the customer details page, this provides an overview of all the attributes attached to this account.

This tab provides a record of customer events registered (closed sessions), with details of when they took place, whether a discount was applied or coupon code was used.
Clicking on the Session Integration ID will open an overview of that transaction.

Loyalty Programs
If you have a Loyalty Program set up, this page will list the balance this customer has in the currently selected program and a list of events where the customer interacts with the program.
There is also the option here to manually add or subtract points from this customer account.


Use this section for debugging campaigns and to take a deeper dive into the customer activity in your account. You can filter for session and customer activities in the following ways:

If you are testing campaigns, this is the best way to understand why a campaign might not be working. You can search by customer ID and review the response to debug campaigns. 



In the Settings section, you can change most facets of your application like the title, description and currency used.
You can also view your application key and permanently delete applications if your user role allows it.

Navigate to these sections to learn more.