In this article you will get an overview of the Settings page in your campaign and learn what elements you can edit and manage here. 

After creating a new campaign or selecting an existing campaign, you will arrive at your campaign Dashboard. From here you can click on Settings, on the right of the navigation bar located under your campaign's name.

From the Settings page, you can edit and manage the following elements of your campaign:


Edit the details of your campaign. Here you can write the name of your campaign, add a description and also tags for sorting your campaigns in the UI.

We recommend following a standard naming convention so campaigns are identifiable for other users of your account. Click save and come back to edit these field at any time. 


You should always set a start and end date and time for your campaign. This will define when your campaign is active and when it will expired. Although this setting is optional, we highly recommend adding an expiry date for security purposes.


This is where you can enable Coupon, Referral or Loyalty features for your campaign. You must select these boxes in Settings or select them when creating a campaign to have access to these elements.

For example, you can only see the Coupons page, generate coupon codes and access coupon related conditions in the Rule Builder if the coupon box is checked.


Set the maximum number of redemptions allowed in your campaign. You can also limit the total discount amount for your campaign. Read how to manage your budget here

Custom Attributes

If you have defined Campaign Custom Attributes in your in the Developer section of your Application, you can assign inputs for these attributes in this section. Add Custom Attributes to your campaigns to help with tagging, sorting or searching by attributes. 

Note: The fields will only appear once you have added the custom attributes in the Developers section of your application.

Read more about tagging campaigns with Custom Attributes and how to use them here

Coupon Code Generator

This is where you define the code shape for coupon codes that are generated in a campaign when you select the effect "create coupon" in your rules. These are not the same as the codes you create in the Coupons section. Here you can make the following edits:
  • Define the code length (min. 8 characters)
  • Choose the character set (numbers, letters, both)
  • Edit disallowed characters (possible to edit, but we don't recommend including these characters).
  • Add a prefix/suffix to customize your code (e.g., SUN-248-895).
  • Select whether or not the code will be segmented

Note: Coupon codes can also be created in the Coupons section of your campaign (these are the codes you will export and send to your customers). Read more about coupons here.

Referral Code Generator

Same as the coupon section above, here you can define code shape for referral codes that are generated in your campaign rules.  Edit the format of your referral codes here. The same fields will appear as the Coupon settings above. 


Delete / Archive

Once your campaign is running you can Delete or Archive your campaign. Unless you made a mistake, we do not recommend deleting campaigns as all data will be lost, use the archive function instead.

You can also delete and archive your campaign from the main dashboard.

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