With Talon.One you can create different types of Coupon Codes and the flexibility to use them in many different ways. In this article you will learn about the following: 

  1. How to Create Coupons
  2. Random Codes (Unique Codes)
  3. Fixed Code Coupons (Universal Codes)
  4. Specific Customer Codes
  5. Edit Coupon Codes
  6. Coupon Page Overview

You have the flexibility to use these codes in many different ways. For example, you can create large batches of codes, assign percentage or monetary discounts, create gift cards, assign product details, add expiry dates, etc. 

Please ensure your integration is configured to accept Coupon Codes and you have read how to create a campaign in Talon.One. To access the Coupon features, you must enable this feature in Settings or when you create a new campaign. Coupon codes are always unique and can never be used or generated in a different campaign.


How To Create Coupons In A Campaign

To create new coupon codes follow these steps: 

  1. Select your preferred Application
  2. Select an existing Campaign Name or click Create Campaign and follow these steps first 
  3. Navigate to the Coupons section
  4. Click Create Coupons 

Did you know you can choose the preferred case for your codes? The default setting is "Case Sensitive" but this can be adjusted by your account administrator when you create a new application. Read more about setting your Application Case here.

Random Codes (Unique Codes)

Create Random Codes for your coupon campaigns in batches up to 200,000 at a time. Random codes are typically used when distributing unique codes directly to customers and are intended for single user. The code is generated randomly in Talon.One, you only have the ability to edit the prefix and suffix of this type of code.


Coupon Amount

Enter the amount of codes you want to generate for this campaign in this field. The maximum amount of codes you can generate at a time is 200,000. If you are generating large batches of codes, we recommend adding a prefix to your codes.  

To generate a batch of 
20,000 codes you must select "Unique Prefix" and type something in the prefix field. If you have selected unique prefix, this setting means that prefix can no longer be used when generating codes. 

Prefix & Suffix

You can type in a prefix or a suffix for your coupon code. The characters between the prefix/suffix will be randomly generated, you can see a preview of your code below.  

If you want to create more than 20,000 codes in a single request, you must select "unique prefix" check box and type in a prefix that has not been used before. 


Code Length

Enter the number of characters you would like the codes to have to define the length. For security reasons, the minimum code length is 3 characters and cannot be longer than 20 characters. 

Our system will warn you if the code length is not secure. For example, if you want to generate 10.000 coupons with a code length of 4 characters, the chance is 1 in 53 that someone will guess your code (it should be at least 1 in 1.000.000).

Character Set

Choose to use the following character set: Numbers and letters, numbers only or letters only.

Tip: For optimal security we highly recommend choosing numbers and letters

Disallowed Characters

Certain characters are not used in codes by default as they might appear unclear or confuse customers when typing in the code. These following characters appear in the field and will not be used "1IO02ZS6G", but you can be edited if you want to allow certain characters. 

Code Shape

Add unique a prefix and/or suffix to customize your code and for improved security. As stated above, if you create a large batch of codes we enforce a prefix. 

The characters in the middle of the coupon code cannot be edited and are randomly generated. The number of characters here depend on the Code Length which you have already defined. The prefix and/or suffix fields are not required, if you leave them empty only the random characters will appear. 

Segment Long Codes

You can segment your code with hyphens to make it easier for your customers to read the code. The hyphen is not part of the code and does not need to be entered by your customer. 


Choose a date and time for your coupon code to start and when it will expire. Remember that if you don't fill out this field, the code will be effective immediately and will not expire.   

Redemption Limits

Choose either Limited or Unlimited Redemptions to define the number of times an individual coupon can be redeemed. If you select Limited, you will be asked to specify the number of times the coupon can be redeemed in the Redemption Limits field. 

Limits set for your Campaign will override the limits of individual coupons, you can learn more about campaign budgets here.

Coupon Attributes

If you have configured coupon attributes, you can add inputs for the required attributes. The section will expand when you click on Coupon Attributes. Learn more about Creating Attributes here. 

These attributes are useful in many ways, but they can be filled in to help with identifying codes, verifying codes, tracking redemptions, etc.


One Fixed Code

By selecting One Fixed Code you create one specific code which can be used by all your customers. Now you will need to fill in the information for the fields described below. 

Code Name

This is the name of your coupon code that your customers will type in the coupon code field to redeem their coupon. For example, is you create the fixed code "SUMMER25DEAL", this can be sent to many customers or printed on flyers (but be sure to set the redemptions to "unlimited").

As explained above, you have the option to define the following coupon settings:

  • Start Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Coupon Redemption Limits
  • Coupon Attributes 

Once you have filled in and reviewed the details, click Create.

Specific Customer Codes

Only Admin users see this feature. Create a unique code for a specific Recipient Integration ID so only a user with this ID can redeem this coupon. 

Later you can edit the Recipient Integration ID if this is a requirement. You can assign an integration ID to a coupon in two ways:
  • by creating a code for a specific customer 
  • as an effect in the rules of a campaign 

As explained above, you have the option to define the following coupon settings:

  • Start Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Coupon Redemption Limits
  • Coupon Attributes 

Edit Coupons 

Once you generate some codes, if you need to edit the details of these codes you can make changes from the coupons page of your account. Once you select a code, you can choose between two actions: Edit Coupon and Edit Coupon Batch.

You can edit the following information associated with codes:

  • Recipient integration ID
  • Start and expiration date
  • Redemption limits
  • Attributes input values

Follow these steps to edit a coupon:
  1. Go to the Coupon page in your campaign
  2. Search or filter for the code or batch you wish to edit
  3. Select the check box beside a single code
  4. Click Edit Coupon or Edit Coupon Batch button​ that appear
  5. Edit the required information (recipient ID, date, limits, attributes) 
  6. Note: By choosing Edit Coupon Batch, ALL codes in this batch will be updated
  7. Click Update Coupon (or Update Batch)
  8. Now you can export the code or make other changes to your campaign

Some things to remember:

  • After you make an edit, the code or batch ID will appear in the filter of the coupon table (clear it to view all codes
  • You cannot edit the code itself for security reasons
  • Only one code can be selected at a time (for editing purposes)
  • To edit multiple codes, select one code from the associated batch

Coupon Page Overview

On the Coupon page of your campaign, you can create coupons and get an overview of the existing codes in this campaign. The coupons table will be empty if you have not created any coupons yet. 

Learn more about all the features on the Coupons page here.

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