Talon.One releases new features, fixes bugs and implements product improvements regularly. This change-log is a curated list of relevant changes designed to inform technical users and those integrating Talon.One. 

We also share more detailed posts tailored for our end users on our Update Feed, which you can also access from your account.

Next Release


  • Applications: Simplified the process of creating a new application. Removed the "applications overview" in the developer section, and moved all functionality here to a new "Settings" tab on the application
  • Campaigns: When trying to navigate to a non-existing campaign, the user will now be redirected to the campaigns overview and receive an error message.


Bug fixes:

  • Copy Campaigns: Fixed a bug where the new global cart filters were not copied during a campaign copy
  • Integration API: Fixed issues with using time-type Campaign and Coupon attributes in rule evaluation
  • Coupon Creation: Disallow spaces in coupon patterns, prefix, suffix (UI only for now)


  • Coupons: Added a UI to import coupons via csv file
  • Customers Overview: Removed filtering/sorting by last activity date and created date. For performance reasons, this is not supported by our backend.
  • Coupon Finder: If the search query has an "exact match", this exact match will be shown on top of the search result list, before any partial matches.


  • General UI: Fixed a critical bug regarding date pickers not working
  • Coupon Finder: Fixed overflow of really long attribute values
  • User Management: Fixed a bug that could cause admins to accidentally remove all roles assigned to a user


  • General: Added anonymous user behavior tracking with Hotjar
  • Integration API: More robust handling of campaign priority errors: the Integration API will no longer return errors when an error occurred during the update of a campaign set.
  • Coupon Finder: Bugfix for the customer profile link on the search result
  • User Invite: more descriptive error message when user was already invited
  • Profile Page: fixed bug that caused any assigned roles to disappear when the user edited his details


  • Rule Builder De-couple cart item filters from rules, allowing them to be re-used across rules.
  • Applications/Customers: Redesign customer overview, customer details page
  • Integration API: adding 2 new couponRejectionReasons to the meta object: campaignLimitReached, ProfileLimitReached


  • Campaigns: Design refresh of campaign settings
  • UI: Fix rendering of date-type attributes


  • Campaign settings: Fix toggling features on/off
  • Campaign Limits: Enable a limit for couponCreation effects


  • Management API: Improve performance of GET Campaigns endpoint


  • Campaign dashboard: Re-arrange archive/delete/copy campaign functionality
  • Attributes: Enable "list of dates" attribute type
  • Rule Builder: Add support for "list of dates" in the rulebuilder ("Date is one of"-condition)