For an overview of Customer Profile pages, read our article here.
Customer Profiles can be deleted from your Talon.One account using the Integration API.

If you store this type of data in your account, note that your customers have the right to request the deletion of this personal data under the GDPR. 

If you wish to delete a Customer Profile from Talon.One you must use the API endpoint provided as we do not allow this functionality in the Campaign Manager UI.

Before You Start

Depending on your integration, you may or may not send Customer Profile data to Talon.One. If you send this data to Talon.One and wish to delete a Customer Profile, please double check with your team before proceeding.

Please Note:
  • If you have any questions about sending or deleting data in Talon.One please contact us
  • Once you delete a Customer Profile it can no longer be retrieved
  • Historical data like coupon redemptions will still be tracked in our system, but this will not be tracked back to the Customer Profile

The Endpoint

If you are responsible for implementing this endpoint, please read the Developer Documentation for the endpoint here.

The endpoint accepts the DELETE verb and is located under:
Where integrationId represents the customer profile identifier, whose data should be delete.

The authentication method of this endpoint is like any other of the integration API endpoints, the payload should be an empty JSON-object, and its signature should be attached to the request headers like any other integration API request.

Here is an example using cUrl:
$ curl \
 -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 -H 'Content-Signature: signer=1; signature=d2c4dc986d62a0609de44af26a59d9c4' \
 -d '{}'

If you have any questions about sending or deleting data in Talon.One please get in touch