Customize your Talon.One integration even further and build rules faster by adding input suggestions for Attributes.

In this article you will learn: Important: Only users who are familiar with the technical details of your Talon.One integration should create Attributes.

Why You Should Use Attribute Suggestions

When a marketing manager is building rules for a new campaign, the suggestions will help them select the correct product types to avoid trivial spelling mistakes and save time looking up the correct information. 

For example, you might want to create promotions based on items in a customers cart. To identify the items, you would have a Cart Item Attribute for a category such as "Home", then you will have suggestions for different types of products within this category like "mattress" and "lamps".

Suggestions are a useful feature if you have a lot of different inputs for an Attribute or if the inputs are difficult to remember (number IDs, measurements, brand names). Instead of asking your campaign managers to type free text, they can select from a drop down list. 

Tech/Product leads should be responsible for adding suggestions to your Attributes.

Understanding Attribute Suggestions

Suggestions can be added for any Attribute of type string in the Attribute section of your account.

These suggestions will appear in a drop-down list when you are building Conditions and Cart Filters in the Rule Builder. You can save time and avoid errors by selecting a pre-defined input suggestions from the list, instead of typing in your inputs manually. 

Important things to remember: 
  • Before adding Attributes, please ensure you are familiar with our Attribute documentation
  • Suggestions are only available for Attributes of type String
  • Access the suggestions in Conditions and Cart Item Filters
  • Suggestions only appear with operators "is equal to" or "does not equal to"
  • You can add input suggestions to existing Attributes 

Step 1. Create An Attribute With Suggestions

  1. Navigate to the Attributes page in the Developers Section of your account
  2. Click New Attribute or Manage Attributes to add for existing Attributes
  3. Fill in the necessary information (entity, type, name, description)
  4. Remember: Suggestions are only visible for entities of type String
  5. In the Suggestions field, type in the commonly used inputs
  6. Press "enter" to add the input (similar to adding a Tag)
  7. Click Create Attribute (or Update Attribute)

If you would like to add suggestions for existing Attributes, simply navigate to the Attributes page, click on the attribute and type in the inputs you would like to have associated with this attribute. 

Now you can use this Attribute and the suggestions in a rule. 

Step 2. Using Suggestions In Rules

The way you use Attributes depends on your business model, integration and campaign requirements, but there are several ways to access Attributes when building rules for your promotions. Attribute suggestions can be used when building Cart Item Filters or Conditions.

If your suggestions does not appear, you can type free text or select "Add Variable". 

Here is an example of how suggestions can be used in a Cart Filter:
  1. Click Filter Cart Items and select "Set a filter condition" 
  2. Select the Attribute with suggestions (e.g., Shoes) 
  3. Choose your preferred input from the drop down menu (e.g., Running)

Here is an example of how suggestions can be used in a Condition:
  1. Click +Add Condition and select "Select Variable" 
  2. Select the Attribute with suggestions (e.g., Destination City) 
  3. Choose your preferred input from the drop down menu (e.g., Birmingham)

Now you know how to create Attributes with input suggestions and use them in the Rule Builder. Once the input suggestions have been added, you can build Cart Item Filters and Conditions faster and with fewer mistakes.

If you have any questions about adding Attributes or campaign setup, please get in touch!