In this article you will get an overview of how to use the Rule Builder Palette. In the Rule Builder, there are several possibilities for defining the logic for your campaign using the Palette. This feature gives you access to all relevant attributes and variables within the scope or the current condition, effect or filter step.

First you should understand how to create a campaign and how to build a rule in Talon.One. 

Whether you are defining Cart Item Filters, Conditions or Effects, you have the option to access the Rule Builder Palette from certain fields and select the available attribute or variable. 

To open the Palette at any point, the blue "+" button on the right side of the field, click a blue variable,  or the empty field (when available).  

Overview Of The Palette

To use the palette, navigate to the Rule Builder in an existing campaign (or create a new one). When you start building a step (Condition, Effect or Filter), the Palette is accessible through different options and expressions. When it opens is looks like this: 

The Palette includes the following elements:
  • Search field: type in the exact name of the attribute or filter you want to use
  • Categories: select the category/entity to see what is available
  • Blue pills: these are the attributes, variables or cart filters you have saved (e.g., Birth Date)
  • Description: explains the purpose of the attribtue
  • Type: shows the type of attribute, (e.g., time or number)
Remember, only the available attributes or variables will appear in the Palette. If you do not see what you are looking for, check the setup of the attribute or the type of expression you are using.

Accessing The Palette In Conditions

Select Attribute: The most common way to access the Palette is when you click +Add Condition and then Select Attribute from the drop down menu. The Palette will pop open and you can search or scroll through the list. 

Depending on the type or attribute and operator you select, you can use the Palette in the available fields. 

When you select the Conditions Check if an attribute exists or A group of conditions is met you can also access the Palette. 

The Palette In Effects

You can also access the Palette when adding Effects to your rule. Depending on the type of effect, you can select the available attributes or cart filters required for building your rule. 

Set a discount: If you choose Set a discount from the drop down, you can use attributes in the Value field. In the Value field where you enter formulas, you can also access the number type attributes in the Palette. First type in “$” to open up the palette and see the available attributes.

Apply cart item discount: If you select this option, you can choose from the available Cart Item Filters (if you defined them). Here you can also use number attributes in the Value field. 

Update a Value: If you select this option, the Palette will pop up so you can choose from any available attribute in the first "original" field and for the "new" value. 

Add item to cart: If required, you can also access the Palette when adding an item to a customers cart. Depending on your campaign requirements, you can add a Custom Attribute you have defined here.

The Palette In Cart Item Filters:

From Cart Item Filters, you can use the Palette and access your Attributes when you select one of following options in the drop down: 
  • Set a filter condition
  • Select an attribute
  • Sort items by attribute
  • Sum up a formula
Like in the Conditions and Effects, click on the empty field and the Palette will pop up. Select your preferred attribute and add the relevant filter steps, then Save your Cart Filter. Next you can search for the saved filter in Conditions or Effects using the Palette. 

Depending on the filter step you select, only the available attributes will appear in the Palette.

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