In this article you will learn how to send a Notification as an Effect in your campaign rules.

Now it is easy to notify customers about special offers, promotions or errors with predefined messages when they interact with your service. The rules in your campaign will define when and what type of notification message will appear for a customer. 

For example, if you want to promote a product bundle, trigger a notification when a customer places one of the quantifying items in their basket.

Before you start, you will need to have the following: 

Step 1. Create Your Campaign 

Create a campaign with the goal of sending a notification to a customer about a free shipping offer. Give the campaign an obvious name, "Flash Sale, Free Shipping on Orders > 50€". 

Navigate to the rule builder to add the rules for this campaign. Keep in mind your rules can vary depending on your business requirements, you can also add Coupons or Referral codes. 

In this example, we will create a notification campaign that requires two rules: one that triggers the notification and one that triggers the discount.

Step 2. Add Rule With Notification

Add a rule that triggers the offer notification to a customer. The name of the rule will be "Offer Notification; Order less than 50€". When a customer visits your website and has a session total less than 50€, this will trigger a notification alerting them of your free shipping offer.

First add the condition with the following criteria: "Session Total is less than 50€".

Step 3. Add Effect With Notification

Now click +Add Effect and select Set a notification from the Effects drop down menu. This will trigger the notification when a customer fulfills the condition you have defined in the first part of your rule. 

Step 4. Create Your Notification

Once you select the effect Set a notification, follow these steps to create your notification:
  1. Select Notification Type: Info, Offer, Error or Misc
  2. Write a title for your notification, for example "Flash Sale"
  3. Write the body content, for example "FREE Shipping today only when you spend 50€" 

When a customer puts an item in their cart and the total is less than 50€ (fulfills the condition), they will trigger the notification and the message. The styling of the notification depends on your setup, but the message could appear to the customer like this: 

As you set up your first campaign with notifications, please ensure your developers are aware of the notification types and have adjusted your integration as required. Set the type of notification to distinguish how the information is passed to your webshop or application. 


Step 5. Add The Second Discount Rule

Now add a second rule that will be triggered when they qualify for the following condition: "Session Total is greater or equal to 50". This is the offer you have communicated using the first rule. 

Now add the effect that will trigger the actual offer to the customer. First click +Add Effect then select Set a discount from the drop down menu. 

To give Free Shipping on a customer's order as an effect, write the attribute "Session Attribute Shipping Cost" in the value field. Give your discount a name for clarity. 


Step 6. Save Your Rules And Test

Review your conditions and effects, check the information is correct then click Save. Navigate to the Dashboard and review all the details of your campaign. From here you can activate your campaign, save it as a draft or schedule it for later. 

Customize Your Campaigns

Now you know how to create a Notification Campaign using Talon.One. This is is just one example of a campaign that uses a Notification as an effect. If you would like to discuss more possibilities for creating these types of campaigns, get in touch

Please share the relevant documentation with your Developers before you get started. 

Depending on your business requirements and the data you send through your integration, you can create campaigns that meet your needs using the flexibility of the rule builder.

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