In this article you will learn how to duplicate a campaign in your Talon.One account. 

You can make a copy of an existing campaign in the same application or to another application(s). This feature will copy the rules and details of your campaign, so you can reuse existing campaigns or quickly transfer campaigns from staging to production. 

Before you get started, you will need to create at least one campaign in an application.

Follow these steps to duplicate an existing campaign.

1. Navigate To Campaign Dashboard

In your campaign dashboard, you will see the Duplicate heading on the right side of the campaign table, below the campaign state. 


2. Click Duplicate Campaign Dots

Next click the three blue dots in the Duplicate column for the campaign you wish to duplicate. A pop up window will appear with the name of your campaign.

3. Select Preferred Application(s)

From the drop down, you can select the available application you want to copy your campaign to. Here you can select from all your available applications. 

Now click Duplicate.

4. Important Things To Note

  • When you duplicate a campaign, the state will automatically be set to 'disabled'
  • After copying is complete, you should change the title of the copied campaign (it will contain "Copy of ...)
  • Coupon and Referral codes will NOT be duplicated, they must be added to the new campaign
  • You will need to activate the campaign manually once all settings are checked
Now you know how to duplicate a campaign in Talon.One. This will help you and your marketing team easily transfer campaigns to different applications and quickly reuse complex rulesets for important campaigns. 

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