In this article you will learn how to create a Cart Item Discount. The use case we will use is the following: if a customer spends 100€, then they will get a 20% discount on the any item in the category "shoes". 

Instead of giving a general discount on a customer's entire shopping cart, you can filter for specific cart items, by category or SKU and apply discounts to those products. 

Before you start, your system must be integrated with Talon.One and have at least one active Application

Step 1. Create A Campaign

First create a New Campaign in your preferred application. Give your campaign a name and if required, select Coupons and Referrals (these features must be activated if you want to access these settings). You can also modify this later in Settings.

Step 2. Add Rules

Navigate to the Rule Builder from your campaign Dashboard. This is where you define the logic of your campaign by adding Conditions and Effects.  Click Add Rules.  

Step 3. Filter Cart Items

The first step when building rules for this type of campaign is to Filter Cart Items. The Filter Cart Items feature is located on the right next to Conditions.

Use these filters to sort the items in your customers cart depending on your campaign requirements. Now follow these steps to create a cart filter for the category "shoes": 
  1. Click Filter Cart Items then select Set a filter condition
  2. Choose Item Category then select your operator "is equal to" and enter the value "shoes". Click on the condition and the fields will become editable. The palette will open so you can select an attribute or you can type in a value or formula.
  3. Give your Cart Item Filter a name then click save. Choose something recognizable like "ShoesCartItems" - you will use this later in your effects 

Tip: This is just one example of a Cart Item Filter, you can filter your customer cart items by Item, SKU, Quantity or other custom attributes to extend your integration and create more dynamic rules.

Step 4. Add Conditions

You can enter a variety of conditions to add complexity to your product discount. To add a condition, follow these steps:
  • Click Add Condition and choose Select Attribute. The palette will expand so you can search or scroll through the available attributes. 
  • To set a condition for a minimum order value, choose the attribute "Session Total" then select the operator "is equal to" and then "100".
This is just one example of a condition. Depending on how you filter cart items, you can also create conditions using Cart Item Filters

Step 5. Add Effects

Define what effects will take place when the conditions you created are evaluated and "true". Follow these steps to set the effect for your product discount: 
  1. Click Add Effect the select Apply Cart Item Discount from the drop down. 
  2. Now you will add the Cart Item Filter you have saved in Step 2. Click on the line to edit, and select "Shoes_Cart Items" from the palette. 
  3. Next click Pick an Effect then select Apply cart item discount and enter the discount value. 

Now you know how to create a Cart Item Discount in Talon.One. This is just one basic example of what is possible with your Talon.One integration. Depending on what data points you send, you can build rules to meet your promotion requirements. 

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