Launching a gift card program with Talon.One is easy. In this article you will learn how to build the rules that support the usage and redemption of your gift cards.

For this use case, the residual value remains on the gift card after purchase and will be available for later transactions.

A gift card is normally charged with a fixed value that customers can redeem for transactions in the form of a discount. If the value of the transaction exceeds the value of the voucher card, the customer pays the difference with another payment method.

If the value of the gift card exceeds that of the transaction, a residual value remains on the card, which can be redeemed in a later transaction.

Before You Start

To successfully set up this campaign you must have:
  • A Custom Attribute of type number on the coupon to store the value of the gift card. Learn how to create custom attributes here. In this example the attribute is named 'Gift Card Value'
  • An integration with Talon.One to accept coupon codes in your checkout process.
Follow the below steps to create the rules for your Gift Card program.

Step 1. Create a Campaign

Create a campaign for your gift card scenario, don't forget to activate 'Coupons' in the campaign creation.  

Step 2. Add Rule

Navigate to the Rule Builder and add a rule for the redemption of a gift card, when the value is lower than the session total. In this example we call the rule 'Gift card redemption (when gift card value is lower than session total)'. This rule will handle the price reduction of the transaction by using the gift card value and set the remaining gift card value to 0.

Step 3. Add Conditions

The rule uses the condition 'Session has a valid coupon code' for accepting the gift card. It also checks if the value in 'Gift Card Value' of the entered code is not equal to 0 to make sure a gift card without any value can't be used here. As an additional condition we check if the session total is greater than or equal to the gift card value.

Step 4. Add Discount Effect

As an effect for this rule, we select the 'Give discount' effect and configure it to deduct the gift card value as a discount.

Step 5. Update Value Effect

A second effect uses 'Update value' to set the gift card value to 0 as it is used completely by the current transaction. 

Step 6. Add Second Rule

In a second rule we handle the case when there will be a remaining value on the gift card after the transaction. We call this rule 'Gift card redemption (when gift card value is higher than session total)' in the example. 

Step 7. Add Conditions

In the conditions we check again for the coupon code (of the gift card) and if the session total is less than the value of the gift card. 

Step 8. Add Discount Effect

The first effect of this rule will set a discount of 100% as the transaction is completely covered by the gift card value. 

Step 9. Add Update Value Effect

The second effect in this rule will reduce the gift card value by the session total. We use the 'Update a value' effect for this. Afterwards the gift card can be used again with the remaining value.

Step 10. Create Code

The last step is to create your gift cards as coupon codes now and place the actual value of the gift card in the field 'Gift Card Value'. Don't forget to set the redemption limit for the gift card codes to unlimited so your customers can use it with the updated value again.


Once you have created the rules for your Gift Card Campaign, set the schedule and necessary settings, don't forget to activate your campaign.