Now that you've read the Introduction to the Rule Builder, you can start building rules. Using the data sent through your Talon.One integration, you have full flexibility to choose from a series of expressions to create rules for your promotional campaigns. 

In this article you will learn about the key components of a rule: 
  1. Adding A Rule
  2. Conditions
  3. Effects 
  4. Filter Cart Items
  5. Saving and Editing
If you prefer to see how it's done, watch this quick video on how to build a rule: 


1. Adding A Rule

A campaign requires a rule (or rules) before it can be activated, follow these steps create your rule: 
  1. Select your preferred Application 
  2. Click New Campaign or select an existing campaign
  3. From the Campaign Dashboard, navigate to the Rule Builder section
  4. Click Add Rule, the empty rule will appear where you add the logic for your rule 
  5. Enter a name for your rule (e.g., Coupon Campaign; 10% off Coupon)
  6. Next click +Add Conditions then +Add Effects (explained below)
  7. Click Save (only then can you activate your campaign)

Remember the rules are just one element of your campaign. Next you will want to schedule your campaign, add coupons, set a budget, etc. Read more about how to create a campaign here.

2. Conditions

Every rule requires Conditions. The Conditions define the event or action that must occur before an Effect is triggered. This is the "If the customer does this..." element of your campaign's rule. You can choose between +Add Conditions or Always Trigger Effects.

NOTE: If you choose Always Trigger Effects the effects you select will trigger on every customer order.

Click +Add Conditions and a drop down will appear with a list possibilities. You can build Conditions using the following options:
  • A Coupon Code is Valid
  • A Referral Code is valid
  • Select Attribute (search all attributes to build expressions)
  • Select system event trigger
  • Check if a custom attribute exists

You will want to read more about Using Conditions here.

Example 1.

To create a coupon campaign, select "A Coupon Code is Valid". To add more granularity to your rule, choose "Select Attribute" where you can search for any attribute to build your expression like "Session Total is greater than 100". 


Example 2.

Create Conditions using Cart Item Filters (read more below) to filter item quantities in a cart. Click +Add Condition, choose "Select attribute" then search for your filter that you saved, for example if "Item Quantity_Sweater is greater than 1", then you will set the Effect to trigger any time a customer places a sweater in their basket. 

Example 3.

Add Conditions based on events like customer signups. Select "System event trigger" then select Customer Account Registration to give a discount, free item or update a value (e.g., subscription) when a customer signs up for your service.

There are many more possibilities for creating Conditions, depending on what data you send Talon.One and your unique campaign goals. Check out more campaign ideas here

3. Effect​s

Every rule requires Effects, which occur when ALL or SOME of the Conditions of a rule are validated to TRUE. When you select +Add Effects a drop down will appear with a list of possibilities to build your condition. 

You can build Effects using the following options:
  • Apply cart item discount
  • Set a discount
  • Update a value
  • Add item to cart
  • Set a notification
  • Create a referral code
  • Create coupon
  • Webhooks (will appear only when created) 
You will want to read more about Using Effects here

Example 1.

The most common type of Effect is "Set a discount", this will apply a discount to the customer's total session value when all the conditions are validated to true. 

If you want to give a monetary discount for 10€ off, simply write the absolute value "10" in the empty field. To give a percentage discount, the formula will be "Session Total * 10%". 

You can also build more complex formulas to achieve your required effects. To further customize these formulas, type in your require logic and add any required variables or cart item filters by clicking the blue "+" button on the right side of the field. 

Example 2. 

If you want to apply a discount on a specific item in a customer's cart (instead of the entire basket amount), use "Apply Cart Item discount". First you need to save a Cart Item Filter to use this Effect. Read how to create a Cart Item Discount here.

Example 3.

To notify customers of special offers or rewards on your site, you can select the "Set notification" Effect and trigger a message. Read how to create a Notification As Effect here.

Remember these are just a few examples of what is possible with Effects, get in touch if you want to discuss more possibilities for your promotional campaigns.

4. Filter Cart Items

The Filter Cart Items feature is located on the top corner of your rule template (above conditions). Create filters to sort and manipulate the items (data) in your customer’s cart to build more dynamic rules, then use these filters in your Conditions and/or Effects.

For example, if you want to give a discount on a specific item category like "Jackets", instead of a general discount on the total cart value. Read more about Filtering Cart Items here.

Follow these steps to Filter Cart Items:
  1. Click Filter Cart Items
  2. Choose a filter ("Set a filter condition" is the most popular first step)
  3. Add more Filter Steps depending on your requirements
  4. Name your Filter something obvious (e.g., Jacket_CartItems)
  5. Click Save (it will appear as an available attribute in Conditions or Effects)
  6. Use your Filter in Conditions or Effects

There are many possibilities when creating Cart Item Filters, so be sure to read more here or get in touch if you have questions.

5. Saving And Editing Rules

When you are finished building your rule, be sure to click Save. If you make a mistake or want to make changes you can easily edit your rule. Keep the following in mind:​
  • Click the Save button on the top right to save the entire rule
  • You can Activate your rule in the Campaign Dashboard once it is saved
  • To save a specific Condition or Effect, click the check symbol next to the expression 
  • Click the garbage can to delete to delete a Condition or Effect
  • Click the arrows on the top right to go Back to a previous setup or Forward
  • Reorder your Conditions or Effects by dragging the hamburger icon on the left
Remember, campaigns can only be Activated once you save your rules with valid conditions and effects. 


In this article you have learned what is required for building a rule in Talon.One. We have also covered a very small part of what is possible with Conditions, Effects and Cart Item Filters.

The Talon.One Rule Builder is designed to offer you maximum flexibility when creating promotional campaigns. However, this is only a glimpse of the functionality available with the Rule Builder. 

If you have questions about building more complex rules, please get in touch! We are happy to support in creating the right rules for your promotional campaigns.

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