Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Talon.One Campaign Manager. 

Once I create a new campaign, what is next?    

The next step is to build the logic of your campaign in the Rule Builder. You can also finish building your campaign later if you wish, all settings will be saved before you activate it. Learn more about Managing Campaigns.

What is a webhook? 

A webhook is a way for one application to send another application information in real-time. Implement Webhooks to call 3rd party APIs as a campaign effect like email services, payment providers, marketing software and more. Navigate to Developer Settings > Webhooks to implement.

Example: Call the MailChimp API to send a 10% discount coupon via email when a specific condition takes place like a customers signs up for your newsletter. 

Learn more in our Developer Center about implementing Webhooks


How can I set up a basic coupon campaign?

You can use the following rules to set up a basic coupon campaign:

  • Once you create a campaign, navigate to the Rule Builder to build the logic of your campaign
  • Next select the following conditions and effects: 
    • Condition: When coupon code is valid
    • Effect: Then set discount value of XX amount or XX percentage
View Campaign Ideas for more inspiration. 

What is the response time of the Talon.One API?

Our response times are generally sub 50 milliseconds at the API server, but this can depend on the location of your servers.

How can I check the conditions and effects of a campaign through the Management API? 

If you want to know the conditions and effects of a given campaign in your system, please read the Management API documentation on Rule Sets to test your responses. 

How do I manage the start date and expiry date of my coupons?

You can manage the schedule of your coupon in Campaign Name > Settings > Coupons. Learn more in Settings

How do I create a campaign targeting customers who have never made a purchase?    

Assuming you have integrated all your data points in Talon.One, this campaign setup should be possible. Use the following conditions and effects to build this type of rule:

  • Condition: When customer account registration is true and Total Cart Value is exactly 0
  • Effect: Then set discount value of XX amount 

Once integrated with Talon.One, custom attributes can easily be added and tested in Developers Section > Attributes.

Can I make changes to coupon codes once they are generate? 

Once you generate coupon codes they cannot be modified. If you have made a mistake, simply check the "select all" box and press the Delete button. Next you can generate a new batch with the correct amount, or code length or characters. 

How do I activate my campaign?

Once your rules are saved in the Rule Builder, you can activate your campaign. Review all your settings first to ensure all details are correct. We recommend adding a Schedule and Budget to control spending and usage to ensure campaign security.

What are Rule Templates? 

These are pre-defined Rule Sets that you can use for setting up basic coupon or discount campaigns. You will find them in the Rule Builder above the list of conditions and effects.

If my rule includes the condition "coupon code is valid" should I see the code in the rule? 

No, these codes are created independently of your rule in Coupons. A customer needs to enter in the coupon code in your shop or website to qualify for this campaign. 

How do my customers receive coupons?

There are several options, but the distribution of coupons is up to you. You can create codes in the Coupons section of your campaign and export them. You can also set up a webhook with the effect of sending a new coupon code to customers. 

In a referral campaign for example, you can set the effect to "C
reate a new coupon for the friend in the same campaign. 

Do referral programs require a reward?    

No, your referral campaign can have "mark referral code as redeemed" as an effect. You can also 

In the Rule Builder under Conditions, what does "Within n days from Referral" mean?    

Here "n" stands for number of days. So the number of days after a referral was made. 

Can I test a promotion in my shop or website before the campaign is activated?

You can use the Talon.One demo shop to test your promotions and integration. Read about more about the demo shop

What are disallowed characters? 

These are characters that we recommend excluding from your coupon code, however this field can be edited as you wish. The appearance of these characters can be difficult to clearly understand and lead to mistakes when customers enter in codes.  

Can I save my own rule Templates?

This feature is coming soon but currently not possible. 

Does every promotional campaign require a coupon code?     

No. Your campaigns can have a variety of effects like "add loyalty points" or "free shipping". Depending on your business requirements and the data you send to Talon.One, you can discounts, product bundles, referral programs, loyalty campaigns, etc. 

Are redemption limits required for a coupon or referral code? 

Redemption limits are not required, you can leave this empty if you wish. This feature allows you to limit the maximum number of redemptions for a given campaign, so we highly recommend setting a cap on your campaign for security reasons. When the limit is reached the Talon.One API will return a message that no further discounts can be redeemed. 

Read more in Campaign Budgets

If I have activated multiple coupon codes and/or promotional campaigns, can I prioritize one code over the others? 

Yes, you can set your campaigns to "exclusive" and arrange them in so a customer only qualifies for a specific campaign. Read more about Campaign Prioritization.