In this article you will learn how to use the Budget feature and add limits to campaigns. To access the Budget settings, open an existing campaign and navigate to Settings and select Budget.

What is a Budget?

When you set a budget for your campaign, you can limit the number of redemptions possible in your campaign and/or total amount you want to spend. Depending on the conditions and effects you have set in your campaign and the features used (e.g., coupons or referrals), you can use the budget feature to set restrictions.

Adding a Budget

Follow these steps to add a Budget to your campaign:
  1. Navigate to the Settings page of your campaign
  2. Click +Add Limit
  3. Determine your Limit (where the budget should be applied) and Scope (what will count toward the budget)
  4. Click on each element and set a limit for total discount values, coupon redemptions, or coupon creations (if your campaign has an effect that creates coupons)
  5. Click the grey Delete symbol on the right to remove a limit
  6. Click Save Changes when you are finished

Note: Depending on your campaign requirements, you may require multiple limits within your budget or none at all.

If you'd like to add a budget limit to all new campaigns by default, see below for details.

What is a Limit?

Each Budget can be applied to different limits. The budget can apply to the entire campaign, to profile changes within that campaign, or to custom identifiers (like a device ID) you send through in each customer session.

Limit by Campaign

Set a limit across a campaign. Limits set by Campaign are counted across all coupons and customers and are a top-level Budget for this Campaign

You can also limit coupon redemptions in the Coupons page of your campaign. The option to limit Coupons or Referrals will only appear if you have enabled these features in your campaign Settings

Limit by Profile

Set a budget limit per Customer Profile in your campaign.

Limit by a Custom Identifier

Set a budget limit per a custom identifier sent in each session. You will need to have a custom identifier configured in the session to use this Limit.

Please read about updating a Customer Session and adding a identifier to the body in our Developer Documentation, and contact Talon.One Support if you need help configuring an identifier.

Define the Scope of a Limit

Across any of the Limit types, you can assign a Scope of Coupon Redemptions, Discount Limits, or (if your campaign uses Create Coupon effects), Coupon Creations.

Coupon Redemptions

Coupon Redemptions to control the total amount of redemptions that can be executed in a particular campaign across your chosen Limit. 

Discounts Given

Select Discounts Given to control the currency amount defined for your entire campaign (i.e. 20,000€ per Profile or Campaign)

Coupon Creations

Coupon Creations to control the total number of coupons created in the entire campaign by Create Coupon effects.

Remember to click save when you have added your limits. Once your campaign is running, you can find an overview of your Budget in the Campaign Dashboard. You can always come back to the Settings page and make changes to your Budget.

Default Campaign Budgets

In the Settings page of your Application, you can define default budget restrictions that will be inherited by all new campaigns.
By defining a default budget here at the Application-level, all new campaigns created in this application will have these budget settings from the beginning. Two important notes:

  • Defaults are just the starting value given to new campaigns and can be changed for each individual campaign later.
  • Changing the default budget values will not change, add or update a budget for any campaigns that already exist.

A campaign Budget is not required, but is highly recommended as a security measure to avoid overspending, fraud, loss of revenue, etc. You can also define the limits in the Coupons or Referral page of your campaign.

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