In this article you will learn about the important elements of your Application Page or the main page of your Talon.One account. Once you integrate with Talon.One, you can start using your Application(s) and creating promotional campaigns. 

Before you start, i
t's important that your integration is running and your are sending data to Talon.One. Read our Integration Guide to learn more.

Understanding Applications

In Talon.One, an Application is the environment in which you create and manage your campaigns. They are the highest level of organization in your Talon.One account and the source of your customer activities. Each Application has a unique API key used to send integration data.

Depending on your business requirements, you can set up Applications that connect to a website, ecommerce shop, mobile app, different country markets, etc. You can also set up a staging or sandbox application for testing and production Applications for live campaigns. You can create as many applications as your contract allows. 

Every request to the Talon.One Integration API comes from one or more Applications. Note that is not possible to share customer activity and campaigns across different Applications.

Home Page

When you log into your Talon.One account, first you will see the Home Page with a list of all your existing Applications. From here you can do the following: 

Manage Applications:
  • Click on any application's name to view and edit it
Create Applications
  • If you want to create a new Application, click New Application
  • Learn how to create Applications here

Discover and Learn:

  • On the right side of your home screen you can access helpful resources like Developer Documentation or the Help Center
  • Access the Developers Section, API tester, etc.  

Read more about the technical requirements for your Applications in our Developers Center

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