Talon.One is the world's most flexible Promotion Engine. After using your own data to create the most sophisticated rules our, Promotion Engine reliably validates conditions and executes effects. But, how does it work? In this article, we will give you a quick overview.


The Talon.One Promotion Engine is responsible for your entire promotion logic and can be described as your promotional backend. In short, our Engine receives data from your system, checks the rules, then sends back promotional effects (discounts, coupon codes, loyalty points, payment updates, etc.).

First, our Promotion Engine receives custom data from your application, like customer profiles, customer activities, and company information via the Integration API. Next, your pre-defined conditions are checked by the Promotion Engine then it executes effects like discounts, special offers, coupon codes, payment updates, etc.  for rules that match.

As a Talon.One user, you will use the Campaign Manager to setup and manage your rules. The Campaign Manager then communicates with the Promotion Engine to process your integrated data and create promotional campaigns without the help of programmers.



As a marketer, you want to create a campaign, where customers with a valid coupon code, a shipping address in Berlin and an order amount above or equal to $100 will receive a 10% discount.

To make this campaign work, you will create a rule with the following conditions:

  • If a customer enters a valid coupon code (“HELLOBERLIN”)
  • AND if a customer has a shipping address in Berlin
  • AND if the order amount is greater than or equal to $100
Then add the following effect:
  • Then give the customer a 10% discount
In the Talon.One Campaign Manager (CAMA), it would look like this:

If customers purchase items in your shop, your system will send a request to our Promotion Engine and ask if the customer will get a reward or not. Our Promotion Engine checks the pre-defined rules that match to this request, then it validates the request.

Now, a customer makes a purchase at your shop, is shipping to Berlin, uses an .edu email address and has an order amount of $99. After your request, our Promotion Engine checks the following conditions of the event: 

  • Coupon Code: HELLOBERLINtrue
  • Shipping address: Berlin → true
  • Total order amount greater than or equal to $100 → false

After validating the conditions of your rule, our Rule Engine will send back the following effect to your application: Reject coupon.

If the customer would have spent $100 or more in your shop the Promotion Engine would send your system the following effect: Accept coupon.

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