Now that you are integrated with Talon.One and ready to start setting up campaigns, it is a good idea to brainstorm what type of coupon campaigns you want to send to your customers.

Instead of only sending discounts to customers, use the flexible Rule Engine and the extensive list of custom attributes to create and deploy highly targeted coupon campaigns that will positively impact your business.

The possibilities are endless with the Talon.One Rule Builder, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Campaign Ideas: 

1. New Customer

Reward new customers with a coupon code of 10% for their next purchase when they login or register with your shop.
  • Perfect for increasing your customer base and driving sales
  • Welcome new users and provide a compelling incentive to make a first purchase
  • Use discount incentives in exchange for customer details, like signing up for newsletter, registration, giving phone number, etc.

2. Cart Abandoned

Automatically trigger a coupon with 10% discount on 1 item in cart if the user does not complete purchase, coupon is only valid if purchase is made in the next 24 hours
  • Perfect for reducing cart abandonment and increasing sales revenue
  • Add time-sensitive conditions to increase campaign engagement and boost conversion rates
  • Deliver coupon code in real-time to capture customer attention and nudge along sales funnel

3. Product Promotion

Send a coupon with a 10€ store credit to users who have bought items from specific shop category, restrict coupon cart item attributes
  • Perfect for increasing sales on specific categories or products like “Winter Jackets”
  • Personalized incentive shows you are aware of your customers preferences to make them feel appreciated by your brand
  • Set a customized single coupon code like SPORTSWEAR for easy promotion of your coupon campaign across all marketing touch points

4. Social Sharing Reward

Send coupons with 5% discount to users who share your brand message on various social channels, restrict to certain email address or customer ID
  • Perfect for reducing promotional costs while increasing positive brand association and reach
  • Reward loyal customers for sharing on social channels while attracting new customers 
  • Rule Builder will automatically ensure successful validation of coupon code by reliably checking all campaign conditions  

5. Product Value Reward

Give users 10€ off next purchase when they make a purchase of 100€ or more
  • Perfect for moving customer along the sales funnel and increase conversions by placing incentive on total spend
  • Set certain standard of your brand by encouraging higher spending in your shop or website
  • Drive long term loyalty by rewarding purchase and encouraging second purchase

6. Holiday/ Event Coupon

Create a single coupon code to promote a relevant holiday, give users 10% off next purchase for limited time, only valid on specific products
  • Perfect for increasing customer retention rates while reducing promotional costs
  • Add a time-sensitive rule to your campaign to increase sense of urgency and relevance of promotion with single coupon code like SUMMER2017
  • Encourage long term loyalty from users by giving a reward to celebrate a cultural event or holiday

Remember: when setting up campaigns with coupon codes, you must include the condition "Coupon Code is Valid" into the Rule Builder. Learn more about setting up coupon codes here

These are just a few of the coupon campaigns you can create using Talon.One. With an extensive attribute library, all campaign options are possible depending on your brand’s KPIs and goals. 

Don’t see the right campaign for you? Just take a look at our solutions by industry or contact us to find the best option for you.