Whether signing up for a subscription service or making a first purchase, new users are much more likely to try a new product on the recommendation of a satisfied customer they know.
With a Referral Program you provide an incentive for existing users to recommend your product to their friends and ensure a rewarding first interaction with your brand for these new customers.

Whichever the best outreach method for your business, the Talon.One Rule Builder lets you maintain and optimise complex and highly-targeted referral campaigns.

Referral Program terms:

  • Advocate: the existing customer or user who recommends your product, at times called "the referrer".
  • Friend: the new customer acting on the advocate's recommendation.
  • Referral Code: the code that the advocate gives to their friend​.

Campaign Ideas:

Below we've included a small sample of possible campaigns using our powerful rule builder, but this list is far from exhaustive.

New Customer Referrals

Off both advocate and friend 10% off their next purchase if the friend completes an order that same day.
  • Encourage loyal customers to share your brand with people they know in exchange for a saving on their next purchase.
  • Reward the friend with an introductory offer on their first purchase.
  • A time-sensitive rule increases the sense of urgency for new customers to act, cutting through the noise of other brands.
  • Increase engagement from existing customers and increase top-line revenue.

First Purchase Reward

Intercept new customers and offer 50% off their first purchase if they successfully refer a friend.
Friends then also get a 20% discount on their first purchase.
  • Ask all users to participate, not just loyal users, therefore increasing campaign reach and opportunities for success.
  • Remove barriers like completing a purchase, so customers can immediately engage with your brand and participate in the referral program.
  • Placing an incentive on the first purchase for both parties also encourages brand loyalty from day one while increasing revenue.
  • Perfect for time-sensitive promotional offers that must reach customers at the right time, with the result of increased promotional revenue and customer retention.

Cash Back Incentive

Offer both advocate and friend 10€ cash back if both parties spend over 10€ and win.
  • Setting a minimum spend before rewards can be redeemed reduces or removes risk of business loss while keeping the challenge exciting.
  • This referral structure asks more investment of the advocate and friend but provides higher engagement of both parties in the game.
  • Offering your customers discounts in real-time allows for a more personalised experience.
  • Perfect for a betting platform or gaming structure.

Subscription Reward

Give a 10% discount to both advocate and friend when the friend also becomes a paying subscriber to your service or website.
  • Rewards loyal users of your service and provide incentive to continue long-term use, improving your user retention and customer lifetime value.
  • Provide incentive for new users to continue using your service beyond a first purchase, introductory offer or free trial.
  • This is a two-sided reward structure that will see higher success for the campaign performance.
  • Perfect for businesses with on-demand services or subscription-based entertainment models looking to reduce promotional spend with automated promotions.

Loyalty Reward

Reward multiple successful recommendations. Advocates get a 5% discount for each friend signed up, while friends are given a 10% discount on their first purchase.
  • This two-sided reward structure favours the advocate, but both parties get a better deal by choosing your brand.
  • Reward the advocate for doing more work by giving them a larger discount on the second referral, which is a nice bonus and a great way to continuously grow your customer base.
  • Placing an incentive on the new customer’s first purchase encourages positive brand association from day one.
  • Perfect for reducing customer acquisition costs and increasing retention rates.

Purchase Value Incentive

Give the friend 30% off their first purchase and award a discount to the advocate equal to 20% of what their friend spent.
  • Base the incentive value on the friend's total session value.
  • Advocates then drive sales, actively benefiting from friend order value increases.
  • New customers are more likely to make a first purchase of higher value with a large discount and buy more frequently when they have been referred.
  • Perfect for reducing customer acquisition costs with targeted promotions along the conversion funnel.

We have just covered some basic referral programs that you can implement with Talon.One.
Easily increase your customer base with referral programs, rewarding your loyal customers and empowering them to offer an introductory discount on your brand to their friends.

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