This article gives you an overview of user administration possibilities in the Talon.One campaign manager.

First, click on the drop down menu with your profile name located in the top right corner of your browser window. Here you will find the following: 
  • Profile
  • Account
  • Developer
  • Support
  • Logout

To add a new User to your account click on Account then the Invite New User button.

After clicking the button you will come to a section called Invite User.


Invite User

Here you can administrate:
  1. Personal Information: Name, Email
  2. Administration Rights: Yes / No
  3. Application Permissions: No Access, Read, Read and Write

Personal Information

Type in the recipient's Name (optional) & Email (required) for personal information.


In this section, you can choose the permissions you would like the new user to have.

Administration Access

Click the checkbox if you want to allow the user to administrate this account. By giving administration rights the user has full access to your account and every application which is installed. After clicking the checkbox the application permission part will disappear.

Application Access

If you don't want your invited user to have full account access but want to give different permissions for your different application you don't click the checkbox. Below the headline Application you will find a list of every application which you have installed.
You have 3 access level per application:

  1. No access
  2. Read
  3. Read & Write

After clicking Invite User an email will be sending out immediately. 

User Administration

After you've invited a user, you have the possibility to:
  1. Disable User
  2. Change Permissions
  3. Check Invitation

Disable User

Click the checkbox to disable a user to completely prevent him/her from logging in.

Change Permissions

Easily change the permissions you have given the invited user. Click  Save Changes to finish. 


The invitation section gets shown if the invited user hasn't accepted his/her invitation yet. To send him/her the invitation again via instant message, an invitation link is provided. Copy this link and send it to your user. 

You can also send the invitation email again by clicking Resend Invite Mail.

After you are finished, you will come to the overview from the beginning again. The overview shows now your invited user in the table. The following attributes are shown: By clicking on a user again, the "User Administration" section will disappear.