This article is a collection of campaign types that you can build in the Talon.One. These examples are designed to give you an introduction to promotional campaigns.

Remember these just a few examples of the possible use cases that you can implement with Talon.One.

Campaign Types: 

  1. Time-based coupons
  2. Product promotions
  3. Personalized promotions
  4. One-click via 3rd party
  5. Support Cases
  6. Staggered discounts
  7. Location-based promotions

Time-based coupons

  • Coupon or discount only valid if ordering within the next X minutes, hours, days, or weeks

Product promotions

  • Cheapest item: For free or with discount
  • Most expensive item: For free or with discount
  • Adds a gift product to cart when Product "XYZ" is in the cart
  • Discount if ordering minimum/at least/ at most X items
  • Buy X and get Y: Percent, fixed discount, fixed price
  • Each N-th item: Percent, fixed discount, fixed price
  • Each group: Each X items for $X or Y% of N (percent, fixed price)
  • All products after N: Percent & fixed discount, fixed price
  • Product set: Percent discount for product set
  • Fixed price for product set
  • Buy X items and pay for y items of the same product
  • Discount on shipping cost
  • Automatic discounts if customer places order with specific payment method

Personalized promotions

  • Only valid for specific users (user id, email, etc.) or segments
  • Only with max. or min. shopping cart value
  • Student discount: Free shipping for customers with .edu email address

"One-click promotions" via 3rd party providers

  • Success tracking of sales agents: Triggered coupons get tagged with sales agent's ID
  • Predefine rule templates: Sales agents can trigger only predefined coupons (for example only 5% and 10%)
  • Integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, Marketo, etc. 

Support cases with promotions

  • Customer gets X (% or $) cash back if delivery delayed for more than Y minutes/hours/days
  • Customer gets discount if wrong articles send to customer

Staggered discounts

  • First  A coupon users get X discount, next B coupon users get Y discount, next C coupon users get Z discount
  • Refer-a-friend: Get X discount for the 1. referred customer, Y discount for the 2. referred customer, Z discount for the 3. referred customer
  • Give 50€ discount in total: 25€ occurs at the 1. purchase, 15€ occurs at the 2. purchase, and 10€ occurs at the 3. purchase
  • Discount for each € spent

Location-based promotions

  • Discount if shipping to specific country/city/postal code
  • Give x% discount if ordering to city A and Y% discount if ordering to city B
  • Discount if ordering service from location (country/ city/ postal code) X to location X
  • Coupon only valid if ordering to specific location on a specific date and/or time