To manage a selected campaign, navigate to Application > CampaignsCampaign Name. 

Once you have created a campaign or if you want to edit the settings, you can access all the most important features from the Campaign Dashboard. 

Within your campaign you will find the following sections: 



Here you get a quick overview of all the most important information about your campaign. When you have first created a campaign, guide boxes will appear at the top to help you build your campaign successfully. Access the features through the dashboard or via the top navigation.

Rule Builder

Use the Rule Builder to create rules that define how your promotional campaign will operate. Campaigns require rules before they can be activated. Rules are built using Conditions and Effects following the "If a customer does this, then execute that effect". 

For example, if a customer enters a valid coupon code, give a 10% discount. 

Learn more about the Rule Builder


This section will  is where you can manage coupons, add new ones and export created coupons. Enable this feature in the settings if coupons are defined as an effect of your Rules. There is also the option to add coupons and export coupons. 


This section is where you can manage your automatically generated referral codes. Enable this feature in the settings if referral codes are defined as an effect of your Rules. 


Track and monitor the results of your campaign here. Once your campaign is Active, you will see data displayed like Coupon Redemptions, Discount Costs and Campaign Basket Value. You can also filter by specific date range and by different granularity like hour, day or week. Read more here


This section is for setting important campaign information like Schedule, Budget, Priority. Learn about the campaign settings here.

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