A Customer Session describes the activity of your end user within your application, such a single order or a billing cycle. Similar to a customer profile, the unique identifier of your customer session is controlled completely by your integration. Information about the customer session is pushed by application plugins to the Talon.One API. Read more in our Developer Documentation.

For example: The process of your customer (end user) purchasing an item in your application, shop or system. 

You can export Customer Session data from your Application to analyze campaign performance. Click the cloud icon on the right side of your Campaigns page in your application to export either the Triggered Effects and Customer Sessions that occurred in the scope of your application.

You can filter customer session data by state (e.g., Closed, Open, Cancelled) and by specific date ranges. Click Export Data to download the CSV file with your data and use it for reporting and analysis.

Read the technical explanation of Customer Sessions in our Developer Center.