The Talon.One rule engine allows you to use data from a wide variety of sources in your campaign rules. At the center of this data model is your customer, represented in Talon.One by a Customer Profile. This is where you store information such as the country the customer lives in, the date their account was created, and so on.

Campaign rules are often based on past activity of a customer, common examples are targeting customers who have completed an order in the past year but not the past 90 days, or customers who are purchasing items that match certain criteria. This activity is stored in Customer Sessions. These customer sessions can be seen as a generalized "order" or "transaction". For example, an e-commerce shop would start a new customer session every time the customer completes or cancels an order.

Finally, it's common to target customers based on activity that is specific to your business. Maybe you want to target customers that have opened support tickets containing certain keywords, or customers that have updated their payment info in the last 60 days. You can store this information for use in your Talon.One campaigns with Custom Events.

From this point, you may want to know how to input your data into Talon.One.