In this article you will learn how to edit your profile information in the Talon.One Campaign Manager. 

Once you log into your account, click the person icon located on the bottom left of your blue sidebar. Select Profile if you want to make edits to your account.

How to edit

To edit the information displayed, simply click the editable title or the pencil icon that appears beside the title. Once you click the title, the fields below will appear as editable if you have administration rights to make these changes. Always remember to click Save

Profile Overview

Below is a list of the important information you can find in your user profile. From here you can view the following:
  1. Profile Data: includes Name, Email, Current Password
  2. Access & Security: here you can view your User Role, User Status and change your password
  3. Communications: here you can opt-in to receive updates via email
  4. Activity: here you can view the date/time of Profile Created, Profile Updated and Last Activity
  5. Application Access: here you can view Account Administration rights, if you are an Administrator you can change permissions for your Applications 

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If you have problems logging into your account, please contact us