Having trouble with Talon.One in your browser? Here’s what you can do, before reaching out to us:

Switch to a browser

Check your browser settings

  1. Make sure your browser is up to date - 
    Talon.One works well in the current versions of major browsers, such as Firefox or Chrome
  2. Try connecting to Talon.One in a different browser - 
    If the problem is browser-specific, you’ll be able to use Talon.One in another browser
  3. Open Talon.One in a private browser window - 
    If you’re only able to connect to Talon.One in a private window, check your computer for conflicting software
  4. Disable browser plugins or extensions - 
    One of these could be causing an issue with Talon.One

Look for conflicting software

  1. Temporarily turn off any antivirus or ad-blocking software -
    This may include applications such as McAfee, Norton, or AdBlock Plus. If you’re then able to connect to Talon.One, one of these applications is causing an issue.

Contact Talon.One Support

If you've followed the steps above and are still unable to connect to Talon.One account, please send us the following details in a support request: Tell us about the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried

With that information, we’ll do all we can to help!