Give a discount with a single coupon code on items costing x€ or more, runs for a fixed period of time.


  1. Enter campaign details: Name, start time, and end time
  2. Go the Coupons page and click Add Coupons

Edit Coupon

  1. Enter a single fixed coupon code
  2. Set usage limit to 0, because 0 stands for unlimited
  3. Navigate to Rules section and create campaign rule

Create Rule


  1. Add Condition and click Coupon Code is valid from the drop down
  2. Add Condition and click Select attribute from the drop down
  3. The attributes palette will expand, here you can search for your attribute
  4. Search or select Session Total with the operator Greater than or equal to, and 1000
  5. Add Condition and click Select attribute from the drop down to add other conditions, for example:
    • Signup date, is after X date
    • Profile Created, in the last year
    • Billing city, equals Berlin


  1. Add effect: Set a discount
  2. Fill out a discount name & value
  3. Save

Note: Click here to see the integration guide and explore the necessary setup.