In this article you will learn how to create a general discount campaign using coupons. You can choose between a monetary or percentage discount. 

This is the most basic example of a discount campaign in Talon.One. You can add more Conditions, Effects or Cart Item Filters to further customize your campaigns using your data points. Get in touch if you have questions about what's possible with your account. 


  1. Create a New Campaign in your preferred Application
  2. Enter the campaign Name and select coupons as a feature
  3. Navigate to Settings to set schedule (and other relevant features)
  4. Navigate to the Rule Builder 

Create Rule

  1. Click +Add Rule
  2. Type in the name of your rule like 5% Discount (not mandatory)


  1. Click +Add Conditions
  2. Select Coupon Code is Valid
  3. Optional: Add more Conditions to refine your campaign criteria
  4. Choose Select attribute if you want to more variables like Signup Date, Session Total, Billing Country, etc.


  1. Click +Add Effects
  2. Select Set a discount from the drop-down menu
  3. Fill in a discount name
  4. Enter your discount formula in the Value field: Session Total * 5%
  5. The default formula is a 10% discount on the session (total amount the customer has in their basket), but you can add any kind of logical formula required for your campaign
  6. Click the blue + button to add variables to your formula (e.g. Shipping Cost)
  7. Add the logical Variable or Custom Attributes you have defined in your account
  8. Click Save 

Create Coupon(s)

  1. Navigate to the Coupons page
  2. Click +Create Coupon
  3. Choose your preferred type of coupons: One-Fixed Code or Random Codes
  4. Set the start and end date, redemption limits and any other settings
  5. Learn how to create coupons in detail here
Review all your campaign settings and double check all the information is correct.

You can see the integration guide that details the necessary technical setup here in the Developers Center

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