In the following article we will describe how to create coupons for a new or existing campaign. 

To create new coupon codes: 

  1. Select your Application
  2. Select an existing Campaign Name or click Create Campaign and follow these steps first 
  3. Navigate to the Coupons section
  4. Click Create Coupons 


From this point, you can choose to generate two types of coupon codes: 

One Fixed Code

By selecting One Fixed Code you create one specific code which can be used by all your customers. Now you will need to fill in the information for the fields described below. 

Coupon Code

This is the name of your coupon code that your customers will type in the coupon code field to redeem their coupon. For example, Holidays-2017 is a fixed code that can be sent to your customers.


Choose a date and time for your coupon code to start and when it will expire. Remember that if you don't fill out this field, the code will be effective immediately and will not expire.   

Budget (Redemption and Limits)

Choose either Limited, Unlimited Redemptions to define the number of times an individual coupon can be redeemed. If you select Limited, you will be asked to specify the number of times the coupon can be redeemed in the Redemption Limits field. 

You can modify the this criteria in Settings under the Budget section. Learn more about your campaign budget here. Limits set at the Campaign level override the limits of individual coupons. 

Once you have filled in and reviewed the details, click Create. Congratulations, you have just created a fixed coupon code for your campaign!


Random Codes

With Talon.One you can also create Random Codes for your coupon campaigns, just select Random Codes when you first create your coupon and fill in the information for the fields described below. 


Coupon Amount

Enter the total number of individual codes you want to generate for this campaign (50 in this example).

Code Length

Enter the number of characters you would like the codes to have to define the length. For security reasons, the minimum code length is 3 characters and cannot be longer than 20 characters. 

Our system will warn you if the code length is not secure. For example, if you want to generate 10.000 coupons with a code length of 4 characters, the chance is 1 in 53 that someone will guess your code (it should be at least 1 in 1.000.000).

Character Set

Choose to use the following character set:

  1. Numbers and letters

  2. Numbers only

  3. Letters only

Tip: For optimal security we highly recommend choosing numbers and letters

Disallowed Characters

Certain characters are not used in codes by default as they might appear unclear or confuse customers when typing in the code. These following characters appear in the field and will not be used "1IO02ZS6G", but you can be edited if you want to allow certain characters. 

Code Shape

Your Code Shape consists of the following:

  1. Prefix (editable) 

  2. Code Shape (fixed)

  3. Suffix (editable)

In our example above the Prefix is "Winter" and the Suffix is "Sale", but you can edit these fields as you wish. The characters in the middle of the coupon code cannot be edited and are randomly generated. The number of characters here depend on the Code Length which you have already defined. 
The prefix and/or suffix fields are not required, if you leave them empty only the random characters will appear. 

Segment Long Codes

You can segment your code with hyphens to make it easier for your customers to read the code. Codes are segmented by default, simply un-check the box if you do not want this feature.


Same as above.

Budget (Redemption and Limits)

Same as above.

Review the details and click Create. Congratulations, you have just created random coupon codes for your campaign!

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