In this article we will cover the basics of creating a promotional campaign in Talon.One. You will learn: 

Before getting started with creating campaigns, you should have already added an application to your account.

How to create a new campaign

Once you have logged into your account, select the preferred application. The Campaign section will be empty until you create your first campaigns. Once created, all your campaigns will appear here and can be filtered by State, Campaign Name, ID, etc. 

To create a new campaign: 
  1. Click the + New Campaign in the Application Name > Campaigns 
  2. Choose internal name for campaign (mandatory)
  3. Optional:
    • Select Coupons or Referrals
    • These are generated automatically if your rule defines coupon or referral codes as an effect
    • You can edit criteria later in Settings
  4. Click Create Campaign

Congratulations! ​Your campaign is now saved as a Draft. You can finish building your campaign now or come back to it later in the Campaigns section.

How to edit and manage campaigns

You are now in the Dashboard section of your new campaign. For a detailed overview of all your campaign settings, learn how to manage campaigns here

The Dashboard provides an overview of your campaign's most important information, which can also be accessed from the top navigation. Once you have created a campaign, you must input the require information listed for your campaign to become activated. 

Note: The yellow boxes are there to help you guide you. Click the section you want to update or skip/close the box and input the information at your own pace in Settings or in the Dashboard. 

Follow these steps to finalize your campaign: 

  1. Add Details: 
    • ​​In this section you can edit the name of your campaign, add a description and tags. Descriptions and tags are very useful for keeping campaigns organized and easily identifiable.
  2. Set Schedule:
    • ​​Define the timeframe in which your campaign will be active. This step is optional, but an expiry date is highly recommended. 
  3. Set Budget: 
  4. Create Coupons (optional):
    • Edit the format of your automatically generated coupon codes - required if coupons are defined as an effect in your Rules. 
  5. Create Referrals (optional): 
    • ​​Edit the format of your automatically generated referral codes - required if referral codes are defined as an effect in your Rules. 
  6. Define Rules (mandatory): 
    • ​​Rules are required before you can activate your campaign. The Rule Builder is where you define the logic of your campaign. If you have not created Rules yet, you can learn more here.

Once you have completed the necessary steps for your campaign, be sure to review and ensure all information is correct. 

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