If you’re having trouble getting signed into Talon.One, double-check that you’ve accepted your email invitation and that you’re using the correct URL for your account:

Activating your account

To create your account and sign in to an account, you’ll first need to activate your account by accepting the email invitation. For step-by-step help, see Creating an account.

Checking your account domain

If your email address can’t be found, it's possible you're trying to sign in to a different account. The best way to identify your team is by checking the account domain: yourteam.talon.one.

Here’s how to check your account domain:

  1. Write an email to support@talon.one
  2. Write us to which accounts you sign in
  3. We will write you back an email with your account's information, including the domain you can use to sign in. 

Once you’re sure about the domain, just follow the sign-in instructions above using your account's address.