Talon.One is the world's most flexible Promotion Engine. We offer a powerful solution for creating, managing and tracking coupon codes, discount campaigns, loyalty programs and referral rewards in one holistic platform. 

Once your data is integrated in Talon.One, you have no limitations in creating complex promotions.

Why Talon.One?

We developed Talon.One as a response to the very limited functionality of all available coupon, loyalty and referral tools out there that hardly meet the needs of bigger enterprises. Our Promotion Engine helps you build the most sophisticated campaigns without relying on additional development resources.

What makes us unique: 
  1. One holistic solution for coupon codes, discount campaigns, loyalty programs and referral rewards. 
  2. Cross-channel solution for online and offline (POS), internal data and any 3rd party source.
  3. The first and only promotional infrastructure as a service with full enterprise capabilities.

Benefits of Talon.One

  1. Data Integration: Simple API integration with the powerful Promotion API so you can start sending campaigns in no time. Easily integrate your existing 3rd party platforms and services such as data sources like Salesforce, Marketo, Drupal, etc. or trigger external effects via Stripe, Mailchimp, Appnexus, etc. 
  2. Rule Validation: Our Promotion Engine carefully checks your campaign rules and executes effects like discounts, coupon codes, loyalty points, etc. Maximum flexibility allows for campaign automation directly via API and Reliable rule validation ensures the best fraud prevention capabilities. 
  3. Campaign Management: Best-in-class promotional campaign management functionality empowers marketers to easily create complex promotional campaigns without the need of developers. No limitations in creating promotions required by scaling businesses. Easy to user UI for creating rules, analyzing campaign performance and user/event tracking.

How it works

The Talon.One Promotion Engine is the core of our solution and is responsible for your entire promotional logic. Our Promotion Engine receives data from your system, validates promotion rules then sends back effects like discounts, coupon codes, loyalty points, payment updates, etc. 

To better understand, it can be broken down into three key areas:

  1. Send your custom data through the API to trigger effects once the Promotion Engine has validated all your rules
  2. Customers who qualify for your campaign, will be rewarded with effects like discounts, coupon codes, etc., once all campaign rules are checked by the Promotion Engine.
  3. Promotion Campaigns can easily be set up my marketers using the Talon.One Campaign Manager UI

Please check out our extensive Developer Documentation if you want to learn more about integration with Talon.One. 

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